Like many other girls her age, 11 year old Joanna of Erie, Pennsylvania was often found at night holding a flashlight, underneath a blanket, entranced with the photo editorials of high end fashion magazines. Unlike many other girls her age, Joanna was most interested in the poses, composition and light, and theorizing how other angles might have shown the garments.  Fast forward to last night, Joanna is still checking out the fashion under the blanket (on her phone this time) much to her husband's dismay. Some would say she is living her dream, others would say she is weird, and both would be right.

In between the cute and slightly geeky young version, and today's Joanna, there have been more than 20 years of fashion photography, only briefly interrupted by a BA in International Politics and MA in Communications because reasons. Her work was published in such magazines as American and Italian Vogue, Surface, W, Elle, Nylon, Lucky, as well as the Erie Mercyhurst College Gazette (the Sunday edition, that one time).

Inspired by the likes of Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton whose works she inhaled early on, Joanna likes to blend traditional imagery with unexpected compositions and negative space, adding her personal, fashion-forward flair to the documentary nature of event photography. After many years of directing models, she is an expert at gently guiding couples on their wedding day, encouraging natural connections and documenting the results. Passed through the anvil of anxiety and adrenaline that is Fashion, Joanna's personality turned out easy-going and her calm presence conceals an ever watchful artistic eye, like a fluffy shark-owl or whatever is the cuddliest predator.

If you want to spot Joanna in the wild, your best chances would be during Fashion Week, either lurking in the shadows backstage or photographing Street Style. But since she likes to be as invisible as possible, it is probably easier to just send an email.